Nell (Mrs. Roland R.) Banner Administration 1931-1932

While Banner was in office as President of the Woman’s Monday Club:

  • The club placed markers on Trees of Memory, located on Ocean Dr.

  • The club raised a fund of $40.00 to enable a warthy girl to enter the University.

  • The club gathered together in South Bluff Park to dedicate an Elm tree to the memory of Geo. Washington, on the 200th anaversity of his birth in 1732.


Anniversary Is Observed by Club


            The fourteenth of February marks the thirty-fifth birthday anniversary of the Woman’s Monday club of this city.  This event was celebrated by the club Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. M. French.  Each member brought a guest.

            The spacious rooms of the home were attractively decorated with pink carnations, ferns, and potted plants.

            Mrs. Sam Rankin, first vice-president, greeted the guests in her usual gracious manner, then called the two charter members, Mrs. G. R. Scott and Mrs. Henry Redmond, who gave greetings.  The third charter member, Mrs. George Westervelt, who lives in San Antonio, was unable to attend.

            A delightful musical program was then presented.  The first number was an artistic dance by Miss Beverly Bonner, talented daughter of Mrs. M. F. Bonner.  She was gowned in a beautiful pink frock trimmed with lace.  Mrs. C. W. Skipper and Mrs. Louis Carter sang “I’ll Take You Home, Kathleen” and Mrs. Lawson Libby Wagner gave two vocal solos, “Phyliss” and “Go Lovely Rose.”  T. G. Allen sang “The Trumpeter” and “Mary Jane.”  This was followed by a musical reading, “Memory Maiden,” by Mrs. Louis Carter.

            A contest, “How Many Magazines Do You Know?” arranged by Mrs. Harry Watson, was enjoyed, prizes going to Mrs. J. A. Hill and Miss Susie Holderby.

            A delightful social hour was enjoyed during which refreshments were served by the hostess, assisted by Mrs. Herbert French, Mrs. W. E. Pope, Miss Mary Merle Hill, Miss Zula Hill, and Miss Bertha Bieren.


Source: Woman's Monday Club  1897-1949 Scrapbook #1, p.29



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