Anna (Mrs. E. A.) Born Administration 1913-1915


While Born was in office as President of the Woman’s Monday Club:

  • Club gave dinner to local physicians to raise money for “piano fund”
  • Members pledged $77.50 for “piano fund”
  • Vote held within club to find members’ feelings toward having two women serve as members of the local school board, it was voted unanimously “Yes” with Mrs. W. B. Hopkins and Mrs. French as the women thought to best fill the positions
  • Club voted to assist other city clubs in making Mrs. G. R. Scott a founder of the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs building in Austin by donating money to the TFWC
  • Club entertained Mrs. Percy V. Pennybacker (General Federation of Women’s Clubs’ President) and Mrs. Henry B. Fall (Texas Federation of  Women’s Clubs’ President)
  • Club observed and celebrated Peace Day on May 18, 1913
  • Corpus Christi hosted the 1913 meeting of the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs
  • Club studies included: “Enemy of the People,” Victor Hugo; Current Events including “Laws Relating to Women and Children,” “Early Types of Woman’s Clubs,” Frances Willard and Temperance, Clara Barton and The Red Cross, “Settlement Work,” “The Bureau of Emigration,” Mexico, Prison Reform and “Women on the Police Force”

Compiled by Jessica Brannon-Wranosky

Source: Woman's Monday Club  1897-1949 Scrapbook #1, p.16


E. A. Born


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