Maude (Mrs. William) Gerhardt

Administration 1915-1917, 1925-1927



            Mrs. Maude H. Gerhardt, who for more than 40 years has been identified with welfare work in Nueces County, resigned Monday from the county probation department.

            Her resignation has been accepted, effective Jan. 1, 1949, by the juvenile board and the commissioners court.  The board passed a resolution commending her work with the department and the resolution will be read into the minutes of both bodies.

            The resignation reminded a lot of old – time Corpus Christians that there was a time when practically all the charity in Nueces County was done from the front porch of Mrs. Gerhardt’s house on Taylor Street.

            That being true, it is difficult for many long – time residents to believe that Mrs. Gerhardt has been a paid official of the county for a matter of slightly less than seven years.


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Source: Woman's Monday Club  1897-1949 Scrapbook #1, p.15



Maude Gerhardt



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