Carrie (Mrs. S.J.) Lichtenstein Administration 1934-1936




Carrie Weil born in 1877, to Charles and Sara Weil of Corpus Christi married S. J. Lichtenstein, president of Lichtenstein’s Department Store.  Carrie Lichtenstein was an active member in her community and church.  She served as a Delegate to the National Convention of Woman’s Federated Clubs as well as president for the Woman’s Monday Club.  After sustaining an injury, which confined her for several days in the hospital she passed away on January 11, 1958 at the age of 80 years old.




While Lichtenstein was in office as President of the Woman’s Monday Club:


She participated in the unveiling of  Ella Dickinson Scott’s portrait commissioned by Antonio Garcia a renowned area artist and member of the Texas Art League.  The picture sponsored by the Scott Study Club and several other clubs hangs in the Texas Federation building in Austin.


  • The club started a program entitled the “Old Book Stall Loan Library Exhibit.”  This was a collection of books donated by descendants of Corpus Christi’s pioneer families.  This collection of five hundred books dating back to 1429 drew crowds to the Plaza Hotel.  Along with the books presented, an assortment of material, which include daguerreotypes, pictures, samplers, letters, and deeds astonished onlookers.

  • They also help collect money for a couch and books to be used in the Texas Federation building in Austin. 

  • The club also sponsored a room at the university in Kingsville

  • They also continued loaning money to ten more students so they could continue their education.

  • The club provided food basket and donations for families during the holidays.

  • Finally the club became the first Corpus Christi women’s organization to have their meetings heard on the radio on channel KGFI at 4:00 p.m. on January 13, 1936.  The meeting was held at Mrs. F. L. Alexander’s home with Mrs. C. Stone as hostess.  Lillie Rankin presented the guests for the meeting and Maude H Gerhardt started off the program with an introductory paper.   The Centennial trio (Mrs. Louis Carter, Mrs. Sam Skipper and Mrs. R. G. Allen) sang songs in both English and Spanish for the group.  John B. Hardwicke the editor of the Corpus Christi Sun also read a paper on Corpus Christi.  Finally Jeff Bell discussed the upcoming centennial and the Corpus Christi celebration.




Compiled by Cecilia Gutierrez Venable



Corpus Christi Public Library Special Collections Woman’s Monday Club Papers – Scrapbook  #1. p. 30-32

Minutes 1935-1936 p. 1-89.

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Carrie Lichtenstein


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