Madge (Mrs. E. B.) Neiswanger

Administration 1940-1942




            Interesting and instructive programs on art, literature health, travel, safety, parlimentary law and the Bible, were presented by the members of the club and guest speakers.  A play was given to celebrate the forty-fourth birthday of the club and a tea was held at the home of Mrs Henry Redmond to celebrate the forty-fifth birthday.




            Donations were made to the community chest and to the Red Cross each year.

            Baskets of food,  bed linen and towels were given to needy families at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

            Two weeks tuition was paid for an underpriveledged child at the Girl Scout Camp.

            Tree markers were placed on the trees in the “Woods of Remembrance”.

            Endorsed the Teachers Retirement Bill and the Bill for a State School for Girls.  (Delinquent negro. )

            A complete graduation outfit of clothing was given to a Mexican girl.

            A stove was purchased for a needy family.




            A book “Debbie” written by Miss Siddie Joe Johnson of Corpus Christi, was donated to the T. F. W. C. headquarters library.

            A contribution was sent to the General Federation Cancer fund.

            The subscription to the Texas Federation News was 100%.

            Delegates and alternates were sent to the District and State meetings.

            A contribution was given to the State Federation Student Loan Fund.

            The Club members assisted in organizing the City Federation and was an active mamber of the County Federation.

            Three members were on the State Board of the T. F. W. C. Gallery of the T. F. W. C. headquarters.

            During this Administration, Mrs. Frank A Tompkins, a prominent clubwoman and a member of the Womans Monday Club and of the State Federation of Womans Clubs, passed away.  Resolutions were drafted by the Club and copies were sent to the family, to the Texas Federation News and a copy to be placed in the Club Minutes.




            Mrs. Henry Redmond, assisted by the club, organized a Navy Civilian Club.  The Club acted as a hostess Club and the members as hostesses at the U. S. O. during the war years. 


            A generous contribution was given to help establish a blood bank.


            Twelve $100.00 war bonds were purchased by the Club.


            Afgans were made for the Red Cross.


            The President served as the Chairman of the Red Cross Canteen and was later elected Chairman of the Nueces County Chapter of the Red Cross.


            Miss Katherine Redmond served as a Nurses Aid for the duration of the war and later received an award for meritorious service from the American Red Cross at Washington.




            First prize was won for decorating a table to represent a book at a luncheon given by the Speech-Arts Club.


            A picture given by Mrs. Alex. Adams, was won as a prize for having bought the largest amount of War Bonds of any Club in the Fifth District.


            The Womans Monday Club won $25.00 for having contributed the largest sum of money per capita of any club in the United States, to the General Federation Golden Jubilee Fund.

Source: Woman's Monday Club  1897-1949 Scrapbook #1, p.38



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