May (Mrs. F. E.) Ring Administration 1917-1919


While Ring was in office as President of the Woman’s Monday Club:

  • Club Hospital Committee made visits to the Campy Scurry Infirmary to visit soldiers wounded in WWI
  • Club observed Baby Week
  • Club surveyed the Corpus Christi community and gave results at their April 9, 1917 meeting
  • Club improved its usage of Parliamentary Order
  • Club assisted in the beautification of rural school grounds
  • Club sponsored writing contests on “World Wide Peace”
  • Club monetarily supported the War Library Fund
  • Club urged members to buy Liberty Bonds
  • Club supported University of Texas including promotional article written by Mrs. Bluntzer and published in the Corpus Christi Caller
  • Club endorsed Food Conservation Movement, including suspending refreshments at meetings until the end of World War I
  • Club created a Library Committee to aid The La Retama Club
  • Club monetarily supported the Red Cross
  • Club monetarily supported the state Textbook Amendment
  • Club raised money for the “Canteen Fund”
  • Club studies included:  Spanish, Spanish Literature, South America, Mexico, Central America, “The Blood of  the Nation” by D. S. Jordan, The Peace Movement in America, Child Welfare, “Texas Laws that Benefit Women,” “The Naval Education System of the United States,” “The US: A Deciding Factor of the War,” “Migration from Farm to the City”

Compiled by Jessica Brannon-Wranosky

Source: Woman's Monday Club  1897-1949 Scrapbook #1, p.16


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