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Woman's Monday Club Scrapbook

Page 12


President instructed by Club to write Senator Culberson and Representative Garner , that the pure food head ;Mr. Wiley , be retained.  He has accomplished such wonderful changes during his term of office .

            $250.00 collected by the Club on Tag Day was turned over to the Fire Department of Corpus Christi , for a part of payment on Chemical engin to more efficient equipment for the Department .

            Mrs. Redmond moved that the Club purchase a Grand Piono , the best to be had from the Gunst Music Company , for the high School as the first step in putting Music in the public Schools ; Nov . 15. 1909: Committee was Born, Redmond and Burnett.  Arranged to buy a $1000.00 Piano at $200.00 a year with no interest.Presented to School at Graduating Class commencement May 15th, 1911.

            Investigation into and improvement of sanitary delivery of milk, and bread in City taken up with the pure food Commission.

            Saniation and support given to work of organizing home and school Clubs ; Secretary authorized to write the desired note expressing a desire that the School regards this as a new move of the W.M.C. and other Clubs in Corpus Christi , as their work.

            Mrs.Redmond made Chairman for fund recently set aside by Federation for Character building and moral development in the public Schools a valuable Book sent for her for distribution free to Teachers who wish to use some suggestions in developing traits in their puples .

            Mrs.Born , Urges Monday Club to help the South Bluff Civic Picnic Sept .10 1911 for benefits of Park.

            Committee on panal reform,reformed in Club.  Petition sent to Govner requesting special penetentialy reform.

            Texas Sun Editor ; (Local Paper.) offers $75.00 to Monday Club for a special Easter Edition.  all solicitation to be done by Woman’s Monday Club ,Acepted.

            Endorsement of a young Club in the Federation framed .It was for the South Bluff Civic Club.

            one of the Club Members Won Essay from the Federation on Child Study ; Mrs.Redmond , $25.00.  Given to the Club by Her Home and School Club formed.

            Pastors asked to Preach appropriate for Mother’s Day Sermond.

            Reception planned and given to the Teachers of the Public Schools by the Woman’s Monday Club.

            Each Member gave $5.00 towards the Piano.

            Investigation and improvement of City Sanitstion ; Poor and Needy helped.


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