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Woman's Monday Club Scrapbook

Page 13


Mrs  F.M.Fox to represent Woman’s Monday Club on Board of Commissioners for a lot for the site of the Library.

            “The club seems to have tacitly agreed that the rules forbidding refreshments is more honored in the breach than in the observance“for we are invariably feasted ,and nobody objects.

            Concert given by Mr. Heath with Cantata for the piano fund.  Sixty-eight dollars and forty cents.

            Play ;Texas Under Six Flags proposed by Mrs Kleberg to be given by Mrs Hall to be given after the San Antonio Battle of Flowers.Seventy-fivedollars was realized for piano fund.

            Club endorsed Mrs Pennybacker for the General Federation President.

            New members coming into club before March first pay$2 plus Study dues-at present $1.00


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