Myra (Mrs. Hood) Boone Administration 1942-1944

While Boone was in office as President of the Woman’s Monday Club:

HIGHLIGHTS OF 1942  –  1944

  • Gave money to City Federation of Woman’s Club to be used to purchase materials with which the convalescents at the Naval Air Base may occupy their time until able to go back to their regular duties.

  • Donated money, cakes and workers for a creole dinner given at U.S.O. headquarters.

  • Entertained at Vesper Services at U.S.O.; gave forty-three ( 43 ) dozen cookies and coffee; also chaperone twice a week at U.S.O.

  • The Club made and gave eight afghans to Red Cross and Naval Air Base.

  • Members of Club reported knitting through the summer and work turned over to the Red Cross – also many garments made.

  • Contributed to Red Cross, Community Chest – gifts of food and clothing to needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • Contributed to the Golden Jubilee Foundation.

  • One Hundred per cent ( 100% ) in subscription to the Texas Federation magazine.

  • Book placed on shelf at headquarters in memory of Mrs. Frank A. Tompkins.

  • Books sent to the National Defense Library in Washington – books to be sent to service men overseas.

  • Chairman of the War Service Comm. moved the club equipment and sponsor a casualty center, seconded and carried.  After three months and twenty-three days the casualty center was completed – list of materials for center in list given.

  • All money in the Woman’s Monday Club and the Florence Student Loan Fund used to buy bonds.

  • A picture was awarded to the Club for having bought the most bonds in the Fifth District.  The picture was sent to Austin to be hung in the Clubhouse.

  • The Club gave a three year scholarship to student nurse - the nurse selected Miss Faye Pate, also gifts at Christmas, birthdays and other occasions – Donation to Blood Bank, one hundred per cent.


Source: Woman's Monday Club  1897-1949 Scrapbook #1, p.40


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