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Woman's Monday Club Scrapbook

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Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs




November 10-14, 1925.


Hostess :  Federated  Clubs  of  Austin.                             Headquarters :  Driskill  Hotel.



            The  Twenty-eighth  Annual  Convention  of  the  Texas  Federation  of  Women’s  Clubs is  called  to  meet  November  tenth  to  fourteenth,  1925.




Lobby  of  Driskill  Hotel

Lobby  of  Stephen  F.  Austin  Hotel

Rotunda  outside  Senate  Chamber


 Delegates  may  register  upon  arrival  with  Credentials  Committee

 Chairman :  Mrs.  Day  Mills,  411  Pine  Street,  Texarkana

 Local  Chairman :  Mrs.  Paul  Goldman,  605  West  26th  St.,  Austin

 Clubs  are  requested  to  send  names  of  credited  delegates  to  both  Chairmen.


Driskill  Hotel,  9:30  o’clock,  Monday  morning,  November  9th.

Luncheon  to  the  Board  of  Directors,  courtesy  of  the  President.


            Convention  opens  for  business  Tuesday  morning,  9:00  o’clock,  November  10th.

                        All  sessions  in  the  Senate  Chamber

                        Delegates  report  to  Credentials  Committee  at  8:00  o’clock

                        Afternoon  sessions :  2:30  to  4:30  o’clock.


Fine  Arts  Evening :    November  19th,  8:30  o’clock.

Armistice  Day  Celebration  with  American  Legion :  11:00  to  12:00  o’clock,  November  11th

Southern  Dinner :  Hotel  Driskill,  at  5:45  o’clock,  November  11th

President’s  Evening :  November  11th,  8:30  o’clock

Pioneer  Dinner :  Hotel  Austin,  at  5:45  o’clock,  November  12th.

General  Federation  President’s  Evening :  November  12th,  8:30  o’clock.

Recognition  of  Districts  Evening :  November  13th,  8:00  o’clock.


                        Delegates  will  bring  Recommendations  of  Changes  in  By-Laws  enclosed.


                          Chairman  on  Hotels :  Mrs.  David  Harrell,  1010  Guadalupe  St.,  Austin.


Clubs  will  send  names  of  members  who  have  passed  on  since  the  last  Convention,  to the  office  of  the  President.


The  Memorial  Service :  3:00  to  3:15  o’clock,  Friday,  November  13th.


Noted  Speakers  have  been  secured  for  all  sessions.


Theme  of  the  Convention :  Spiritual  Imperatives.


Mrs.  George  E.  Smith,                                     Mrs.  Henry  Redmond,  President

   Corresponding  Secretary.                                  Texas  Federation  of  Women’s  Clubs.



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